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The Nest

The NEST currently offers prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care, massage therapy, midwifery care, doula services, birth pool rental, ultrasound services for the expecting mother, naturopathy, belly binding, placenta encapsulation, and the largest cloth diaper and natural parenting retail store in the Dallas area. 

The NEST also provides classes rooted in natural pregnancy and parenting whose intention is to educate and empower families.

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Singing Tree Midwifery

Are you looking for a Licensed Texas Midwife, who serves all kinds of families around DFW, who will trust you, listen to you, and work collaboratively with you to make decisions about your care?  If you are interested in home birth OR birth center birth, or you would like to learn about the Midwives Model of Care, check out the information below, and contact Kassia Walcott, LM, CPM, at Singing Tree Midwifery for a free consultation.


Famisalud Natural

Famisalud Natural is a Holistic Center with Alternative Therapies, dedicated to promote integral health of every person. Their patients have found natural programs that support and complement their medical treatments. They offered Alternative Therapies that are personalized for every Health Condition, assisting chronic or degenerative health issues or preventative care. 

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Free to be Chiropractic-Prenatal & Pedriatic

When the human body becomes over-stressed either from our environment, our emotions, or physical traumas that happen in life, stress gets stored within the body and creates an imbalance.  Chiropractors are trained to locate this imbalance. To remove interference to your life force, creating a state of balance and transformation within the body. Regardless of what you are experiencing in your life right now, chiropractic care can unlock the healing potential within your body to create a more abundant, thriving life.  Millions of people including newborns, active adults, and people dealing with disease have used chiropractic in their life and have been greatly impacted by the healing power that they already had within them.

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Great Expectations Doulas

Doulas, Belly Binding and Placenta Encapsulation

A labor doula offers couples support during pregnacy and birth including coping and breathing techniques, positioning and relaxation.

A postpartum doula will come along side of you and your baby to allow you to take care of yourself, adjust to life with a newborn and enjoy the precious early weeks of your baby’s life. Her expertise includes:

  • Knowledge of newborns.

  • Extensive knowledge about breastfeeding and infant feeding.

  • Providing care for your newborn while you take care of yourself.

  • Meal preparation/Freezer stocking.

  • Light housekeeping.

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The Nappy Shoppe

Is truly an exceptional baby boutique. It offers a wide variety of natural parenting products: baby slings and carriers, teething toys and jewelry, cloth diapers and diapering accessories, breastfeeding supplies, nursing bras, toys, and books from local authors.

Have a question on which carrier is best for you and your ninja of a baby? They have a specialist for that. Need help getting the hang of cloth diapering your tiny ninja? They have someone who’s an expert on that as well.  

The shop offers FREE classes several days a week on a variety of topics like: correct car seat installation, breastfeeding support, cloth diapering, baby wearing, moms and dads groups, yoga and fitness, post-partum depression and much more.

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Ultraview Imaging

You will be so pleased with their diagnostic ultrasounds and their 3D/4D ultrasounds. They bring incredible images of your unborn baby to life.

They also offered Parenting Workshops like birth option workshops, breastfeeding, CPR, fatherhood workshops, workshops for teen moms/dads and much much more.  Most of their workshops are FREE and some will be offered at an affordable cost.