Lilies Healing Hands Massage & Body Work is a women’s centered natural wellness place.

We specialize in massage therapy for women’s life stages during fertility, pregnancy, postpartum and menopause period.

We also provide Therapeutic Massage services for everyone from kids to seniors.Ladies & gentleman are both welcome!

Our goal is to help you recover and feel better. Our vision and mission is to provide care and support to women and their families in every stage. We want to provide a wellness space for those who are looking for pain relief, relaxation, education, empowerment, and support.

We could help you if you are suffering from lower back aches, constant headaches, migraines, muscle tension, muscle immobility, digestive disorders, incontinence, infertility, insomnia related to stress, spasm and cramping.

For the mothers to be we help relieve backaches, leg cramps,sciatica pain, shoulders & neck pain, headaches, hip aches, soreness, so you can feel and sleep better!

Our specialized massage can help you to get a better night sleep, improvement of nerve pain, reduce stress and anxiety, improve oxygenation of soft tissues and muscles. We recognize everyone has a unique physical and emotional state, so we combine our skills and our intuition to tailor each session to your unique needs.

When you feel fatigued, a sharp sudden or persistent back pain after a long day of sitting, headache or body pain, these could be some of the signs that your body needs to be rejuvenated with a healing touch.

Our specialized massage does not only rejuvenate the body, it also has soul-healing benefits.

  • Prenatal Massage is great for moms who are trying to lessen the common discomforts of pregnancy and prepare them physically, emotionally and mentally for labor.

  • Natural Labor Induction Massage for moms who passed their due date or the 40 weeks

  • Postnatal Massage for all the exhausted moms who just give birth, For all of those moms who cannot sleep well, who have poor range of motion and specially for those who are suffering of postpartum depression,shoulder, neck,back, hip, and pelvic pain.

  • Closing of the Hips & Belly Massage for moms who just give birth and want help with the process of body healing.

  • Emergency Massages for any ages women, men or children who have difficulty moving any body part, for the ones whose lower back or neck get frozen, or for those who have bad muscles spasms or aches,

  • Therapeutic Massage for all of them who have decided to maintain their well being by living free of pain and aches, For all of those who have proven massage keep their immune system up, they feel happier and live healthier,

  • Mommy & Daddy Retreat Massage for all the couples and those parents who set a time apart for themselves and decide to come at least once a month to be away from the routine, They enjoy a Therapeutic, relaxing and pampering massage in the same room accompanying of a nice sparkling drink and some treats.

  • Mom'/Daughter or Sisters or Friends Retreat Massage for all of those who want to spend sometime together by getting a Therapeutic,relaxing and pampering massage accompanying of a nice sparkling drink and some treats,

  • Customized Massages for all of those who are suffering of migraines, constipation, incontinence, infertility or any other health conditions,