Bioenergetic, Intuitive & Filters Consultation

45 mins $190

60 mins $250

90 mins $300

Bioenergetic Analysis with filters is a specific form of body-psychotherapy – based upon the continuity between body and mind – rooted in the work of Wilhelm Reich and founded by Alexander Lowen and now in combination of special filters by Dr. Ana Morales.

BA basically combines a bodily, analytic and relational therapeutic work, based upon an energetic understanding. In this case Dr. Morales uses filters that absorb the body energy, so she can determine what is happening to your body physically, mentally and emotionally.

Bioenergetic Analysis with filters helps to release chronic muscular tensions, manage affects and captures the energy of each chackra in relation to each organ to determine how is your body physically, mentally and emotionally.  These filters also help at the same time to clean your negative emotions within the chackras.

The therapist reads the body with filters and with its energy, feels the emotions, listens, hears and answers the words. The language of the body (posture/gesture, breathing, motility, expression) is on focus as it indicates the status on the way to personhood – from the past to the present and future. Techniques are used which address the energetic aspect of the individual, including her self-perception, self-expression, and self-possession. These also include work with body contact, boundaries, grounding, and the understanding of muscular tensions as indications of somatic and psychological defenses against past trauma. The goal of therapy is more than the absence of symptoms - it is having aliveness, getting a taste of pleasure, joy, love – vibrant health.





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